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Rising prices and you may Jobless – Will there be a relationship?

Rising prices and you may Jobless – Will there be a relationship?

Children examine a video on the rising prices and are generally lead with the notion of jobless. Then they use Excel to produce scatterplots, regression range equations, and relationship coefficients (r) for inflation and unemployment studies on mid-eighties, 90s, therefore the 2000s. Children examine the outcome regarding more time periods to decide the kind of relationship plus the strength of your correlations. That it class is suitable for Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, or Analytics since an application of regression and you will relationship.

Will be able to

  • Determine rising cost of living and you will jobless
  • Identify a Phillips contour
  • Use regression study to determine if there’s a relationship anywhere between jobless and you will rising cost of living
  • Develop a chart(s), using Do just fine, off two quantitative parameters towards the a great spread out spot
  • Calculate a regression line as well as equation
  • Calculate and you will translate the latest relationship coefficient (r)


  • Rising cost of living and you will Unemployment–Is there a relationship? presentation PowerPoint document | pdf document
  • Activity Sheet step 1-4, you to definitely content per pupil

Testing Interest

step one. According to the Phillips bend theory indicated from the 60’s, the new relationship involving the unemployment rates and you may rising prices speed are:

When we chosen some other date covers, eg 1985 to 1995 otherwise 2000 to help you 2007, create the outcomes of the regression are different and just why? Whenever we selected historical time periods (High Anxiety, WWII, Advancement out of Desktop computer, an such like.), perform the outcomes off regression will vary and why?