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To add a browse line so you’re able to a listing

To add a browse line so you’re able to a listing

Creating an email list Matchmaking

A research career are portrayed from the an illustration of the latest SPFieldLookup class. The course includes constructors, nevertheless the easiest way to create a browse industry is to call new AddLookup style of new SPFieldCollection group. The fresh new AddLookup method have an overload which enables that perform a lookup in order to an email list into the another type of webpages throughout the site where you are creating the new research.

You can create a romance between listing in almost any websites, you do not put a limiting behavior into dating. SharePoint Foundation does not impose referential integrity on the get across-online hunt.

Phone call the brand new AddLookup kind of new SPFieldCollection target, passing the fresh ID of your lookup number (the info resource) throughout the next parameter.

Get a mention of SPFieldLookup target one to signifies the field by calling the newest GetFieldByInternalName strategy, passage new string that’s returned because of the AddLookup method because a disagreement.

Lay the latest LookupField possessions on the inner label of job about look record the SPFieldLookup target will be fool around with because the the repository.

On top of that, the mark are going to be type SPFieldCalculated if your production is text. For more information, comprehend the OutputType assets.