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I have got no email No letter No nothing Has anyone else got nothing Or am I the only one

I have got no email No letter No nothing Has anyone else got nothing Or am I the only one

When you call the number on the AWL Settlement page now they “imply” that all payments will be issued by November 1. The recorded message says if you do not receive payment by November 1 to call in to the Settlement Hotline.

I spoke to someone in customer service around 8:30am central time and was informed that payments were initated on Friday and going forward on a daily basis, Apparently the firm that’s handling the process are on the west coast so to check for your payment email in the afternoon, daily.

The amount of your Cash Award is also based on the fact that more than 784,082 loans – representing more than 367,600 other class members – are eligible for a Cash Award

I haven’t gotten a only a letter dated October 10 my payment is on the way and I will get an email asking how I would like to receive my money.

Payments to class members who are eligible for a Cash Award are expected to be sent in late September, which is 30 days after the Effective Date as defined in the Revised Settlement Agreement. Payment will be sent digitally by email to the email address on file.

You will only get a proportionate share of the total settlement cash, not a full refund of the amount of money you paid over principal, because the total amount of Settlement funds available to be distributed will not allow class members to receive a full refund.

Payments did not go out by end of Sept. It is now middle of Oct. and we are still awaiting payments. I like many others could sure use that money now. I dont understand why we keep being told the money is on the way. We just want to be told truth so we can plan ahead. From past information told I expect our payments to be delivered this entire week. Let us see if that is the case.

Just checking to see if anyone at all saw any money at all. I am in a Tier 1 state and have yet to see anything beyond the initial email to expect it.

I am also Tier 1 and am waiting for an email with Notice ID to check am out I could receive. I have seen nothing yet.

Your Cash Award under the terms of the Settlement will depend on how much you paid on your AWL loan(s), the state in which you resided when you took out your loan, and the amount of money available in the Settlement Fund

I believe you already know the answer to your question. I noticed a final hearing date of so I would be shocked if online payday loans North Dakota anyone receives a payment before that time or if we will ever receive a payment. Remember we all received loan from a company who charges excessive interest rates and that shouldn’t have made any loans in the first place.

Thank you. I am a paralegal. I understand the courts quite well. They have until the end of this month to get the payments to us. So yes I do know the answer.

Good so if your a paralegal Vickie don’t you think there violating every law starting with the tier payout and the fact we’re getting paid by gift card

Vickie, Is that correct? They are bound by law to issue payments by the end of month? I couldn’t find any restrictions on how long they have to pay.

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